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A Special Message for ATM, Debit and Credit Card Users

Fraudulent use of ATM, Debit and Credit Cards is of increasing concern to us at PacTrans Federal Credit Union. Criminals across the globe are perfecting more sophisticated methods to complete fraudulent transactions on a daily basis. To combat this increasingly costly problem and to protect you from becoming a victim, we’ve had to restrict usage of our PacTrans FCU ATM, Debit and Credit Cards in certain foreign countries. Before traveling outside the United States, please be sure to contact our Member Service Center, toll-free at 424.233.3091, option “0,” Monday-Friday from 7 am to 5 pm. This will ensure that your PacTrans FCU Debit or Credit Card can be safely used in the country you intend to visit.

Should you ever have any issue with your PacTrans FCU MasterCard® Credit Card while traveling abroad, you can reach our credit card center on a 24/7 basis by dialing 636-722-7111. PTFCU Visa® Debit Card 24/7 assistance is available at 909-941-1398. You may also reach the PacTrans FCU Member Service Center from abroad (during normal business hours) by dialing 424-233-3091.